Aqua-Trans transport heavy goods & wide loads for a number of leading manufacturers. We carry anything from aircraft engines to chemical store units. All drivers are specially trained in transporting out of gauged goods. We carry out route surveys, arrange permits and police escorts when necessary.

  • Aircraft engines.
  • Silo tanks / vessels / boilers.
  • Chemical store units.
  • Cabins.
  • Abnormal / out of gauge loads.
  • AOG ( aircraft on ground ) aircraft engines.

In addition to managing the transportation of equipment, we use our expertise to plan a safe and cost effective route for your materials throughout Ireland and Europe. Whether you have a heavy load, wide load, long load or high load we can plan your route taking diversions and any other restrictions into careful consideration.

We can provide escort services for clients who require assistance safely navigating a route. We operate a fleet of vehicles fully equipped with all necessary hazard warning and safety equipment.

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