Aqua-Trans specially trained staff constantly stays abreast of international, national, and even local regulations affecting the transportation of hazardous cargo.

With this in-house expertise, Aqua-Trans is prepared to move almost all types of hazardous materials from Class 1 to Class 9.

Aqua-Trans as a leading transportation and logistics company, we adhere to the following regulations:

  • IATA for air transport. Applicable within all countries which work under the ICAO regulations and any airline under the IATA regulations
  • ADR for road transport. The EU directives concerning the transport of Dangerous Goods, applicable within all countries that have adopted the ADR convention in their legislation, specifically within Europe.
  • IMDG for shipping by sea. The IMDG code contains detailed technical specifications to enable dangerous goods be transported safely by sea.

Transportation of Dangerous Goods is a risk when they are incorrectly packed or handled.

If the goods are hidden, declared incorrectly, left completely undeclared, packed or labelled incorrectly, health and safety is compromised.

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